Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Skill + 1UP : 2011 knitting and crochet blog week! (Day 2)

Bonjour :D

Today the theme is skills you have gained and over the last year.

I have gained a ton of skills this year, seen as two weeks from now last year I picked up my needles for the first time (well apart from when I was ten, but I only knitted for a couple off weeks then) and now I have designed quite a few of my own patterns!

I've learnt knit stitch, purl stitch, how to cast on and cast off, multiple ways to decrease, multiple ways to increase and how to put it all together and follow patterns :) I also now know about tension, yarn weight, intarsia knitting, fair isle knitting and grafting a seam together. All of which were things I had barely no clue about this time last year!

As well as starting knitting  I  have also taught myself how to crochet! At first it was a struggle and I didn't think I'd ever get it, but now I happily crochet and have even designed a few little crocheted items :0)

Spinning and dying my own yarn and needle felting are also things I tried for the very first time this year.

I love knitting, crochet and all kinds of fiber arts, they have changed my life for the better and now I can't imagine living without my yarn, needles and hooks :D

Even after all the things I have learnt this year there are sooooooooo many things I'm still yet to try and learn and experience such as knitting my own pair of socks, which I have just started recently!!!

Well I will see you all tomorrow once again for my post 3 of the 2011 knitting and crochet blog week :D


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