Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tidy mind, tidy stitches : 2011 knitting and crochet blog week! (Day 3)

Welcome! :)

Today is day three and the theme is orgainsation of your knitting/crochet supplies, projects, yarn etc..

I like to think I am quite an organised person, if I need something I usually know where to find it and I could probably tell you what I would be doing this time tommorrow.

I have a yarn box and also pattern/craft magazine box, see, all neat and tidy :)

However as my stash is growing there are beginning to be piles of yarn of yarn in different places around my room.....

And piles of magazines where my collection of those is growing too....

I will have to get more boxes!
Another thing I  have to admit to is that I have a number of un-finished projects due to me not being able to stick to one thing at a time, but I have a mental list of them and will eventually get round to finishing them all one day, I really will, promise!
I still have to finish Quirky (Alan Darts Christmas turkey) which was meant to have been  finished  for last Christmas but I had way to many presents to make, he will definitely be finished by this Christmas though, Its on my to do list!

All my needles and hooks are orgainsed nicely in little jars and I have boxes for both ribbons and buttons:

Im quite proud of how neatly and well organised I keep most of my crafting supplies as I'm usually on of those 'its organised mess' people.

e.g I give you my desk:

I can find everything I need on it but I doubt anyone else could!

Ill tidy it one day *LIE!* ahhahahhaa,



  1. Aww, your little sheep bag is totally adorable! Great to see how everyone else organizes their stash! =D

  2. Hahaha, thanks I love it too! :)


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