Thursday, 31 March 2011

Where are they now? : 2011 knitting and crochet blog week! (Day 4)

Yo! :D

Today the post is about the fates of past projects, basically where all the yarny items live now, enjoy....

Rice ball!!!! and Tiny the little circus elephant live on my special shelf with my collection of brooches and other handmade bits and bobs.They like it there as they have lots of friends to talk to :)

My mum has both her kindle cases in her room and uses them regulary to keep her kindle nice and snug!

My dad keeps the little halloween pumpkin I made him on his baking shelf in the kitchen. The kitchen is where keeps lots of the little items I make him as he spends alot of his time there each day ( making cakes, breakfast and dinners etc..) so he gets to enjoy them :D

The bunting I made him ages ago is also up on the wall in the kitchen:

I regularly use the slippers I made with the Hello kitty buttons and they are on the end of my bed with my pyjamas :0)

And finally the new home of my Red Nose Day monster is tucked up nice and tightly in my bed,
Hes just so lovely to hug!

Ill see you all tommorrow for a very special experimental post as part of the 2nd K&CBW,


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