Saturday, 9 April 2011

Bring stitching back to our screens!

Yolah! ( it's a combination of yo and hola :)

The other day I was on Ravelry and one raveler had posted about knitting and crochet programmes and how there is a distinct lack of them on British T.V. I completely agreed with this as I have only ever seen two things about knitting on TV and one was on a shopping channel. They were trying to sell you a scarf kit, not exactly what I would classify as programme about knitting and crochet... and the other was Harry Hills 'K' (knitting) factor which was part of Harry hills TV burp programme which was very funny and something I really wish I could be part of now (I was only starting out knitting at the time so couldn't then :( ) But again this was not a programme completely dedicated to knitting/crochet.

I was really happy to find that this raveler had posted up two videos from the BBC archives of programmes first broadcasted ages ago all about the fiber arts, they were absolutely fab!

I learnt quite a bit (and enjoyed laughing at some of the out-dated haircuts!) There were good tips on designing your own patterns and also guidance on how to alter already existing patterns.

They are well worth a watch for any knitter or crocheter :D
The two videos were part of a whole series but sadly they are the only ones on the BBC website :( Oh well the raveler who posted up the vids was going to try and contact so of the big UK TV names so hopefully more series like it will be popping up on my screen soon! :)

See you later!

BYE :0)

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