Saturday, 2 April 2011

Something to aspire to: 2011 Knit and crochet blog week (Day 6)

Yo guys!

Today is skills you: aspire to, want to achieve but never think you can, Dont want to learn etc...

There has been no skills that I think I will never be able to achieve ever since I managed to learn to crochet, which at the time seemed impossible. With hard work and patience I  got there in the end so I think that's the key to everything  really :)

There are tons of skills i'm still yet to master such as:
  • Cable knitting
  • Knitting/crocheting clothes and jumpers
  • Sock knitting
  • and more complex crochet stitches/techniques
There are definitely no skills I would not give a go or try to learn as once you've mastered them you can use them in other projects to make extra special items!

I'm not usually intimidated by any knitting or crochet patterns I just take them one stitch at a time, however if was asked to knit this I may be just a  little bit nervous! 

See you tomorrow! :D

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