Friday, 22 April 2011

Odd Bunnies – Free Pattern!!!

Yo people :D

I’m back from my hols now (so have loaaaddsss of great pics to share with you all! :) and now, as promised here is the special free Easter pattern I created for you all...

I like to call them odd bunnies =:0)

You will need:
• 3 ¼ mm Knitting needles

• Some DK yarn in your chose bunny colour

• A small amount of black DK yarn or embroider thread for eyes and toe lines

• A small amount of contrasting colour DK for embroidering belly and eye circles

• A small amount of contrasting colour DK yarn for embroidering belly and eye circles

• Handful of toy stuffing

• Darning needle

• And scissors!


Body (make 1)

Using main bunny colour DK Co 10 sts

Row 1 – 4: Gst

Row 5: K4, P2, K4

Row 6: K 1 row

* Row 7: K3, P4, K3

Row 8: K 1 row*

Row 9 – 12: Repeat from * to * twice

Row 13: K4, P2, K4

Row 14- 16: Gst

Row 17 – 32: Stst (start with P row)

Row 33 – 47: Gst

Cast off

Feet (make 2)

Co 10 sts

Row 1 – 12: Stst 12 rows (start with k row)

Cast off

Ears (make 2)

Co 4 sts

Row 1 – 15: Gst

Row 16: K2tog twice (2 sts)

Row 17: K2tog (1 st)

Cast off

Making up:

Take the body piece and fold it in half with the RS facing inwards seam down both sides (leaving bottom open) turn right side out. Using pictures as a guide embroider eyes and small cross for mouth. Then using contrasting colour DK embroider small circles around the eyes and around the stocking stitch belly patch using backstitch. After stuff the body and seam bottom.

Sew ears to top of head.

Take the two feet pieces and for both and:
Fold in half with right side facing inwards and seam side and one end (leave one end open). Turn right side out and then embroider toe lines on feet. Stuff foot and seam back of foot. Sew both feet to bottom of bunny.

Darn in/ fasten off and cut any loose ends.


I hope you like my new Easter pattern, see you all soon :)

BYE xxx


  1. They are odd, but mostly cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. they are cute, look like a cross between bunnies and owls :P

  3. springmusician: Hahah, thanks! I can see what you mean :0P


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