Monday, 4 April 2011

Easter Giveaway!!! (:<>)

Welcome,welcome,welcome!  Squash in, there's enough room for everybody :)

As Easter is Just around the corner (24th April) I thought I would do a very special Easter giveaway!!!!!!

Here is what I will be giving away :

Yes, you could win it all!:

 15 cute rainbow coloured little sleeping bunny beads :3

 4 Tibetan silver rabbit stitch markers, which are truly gorgeous!

A pack of Easter themed ribbons, for adding to your special holiday projects :)

And an Aero chocolate lamb! Yummy :P

You also get the little fluffy chick in the first picture too...

Giveaway entries close on the 14th April and the winner will be announced on the same day.

To enter all you have to do is send an email containing your name to:

For this giveaway I have decided to  allow people to get extra entries! (I have seen this on other blogs and thought It was really cool)

If you become a follower that will give you 1 extra entry and  leaving a comment on this post telling everyone your fave thing about Easter could get you another entry as well :D

(so up to 3 entries in total, email = 1, being a follower = extra 1 and comment = extra 1)

(If you are already a follower that is fine you can still claim the extra entry)

So when you send your email (which is necessary for you  to be entered at all) just tell me if you have become/are already a follower or have left a comment on the blog and I will put you in for either 1, 2 or 3 entries.

And as usual the giveaway is open to anyone, any age, anywhere!

Good luck! :D

Bye xx


  1. My favourite thing about Easter is an excuse to go home and visit the family again :)
    karen s

  2. My favourite thing about Easter is usually the big celebration we have at church :)

  3. My favorite thing about easter is the eggie hunts

  4. My favorite thing is being out with kids (at the moment my landlord's kids) and see them hunting for eggs! :)

  5. My favourite thing about Easter is the four-day weekend!

  6. My favorite thing about Easter is goint to the sunrise service at church and dying the Easter eggs.

  7. My favorite thing about easter is spending time with family and dyeing easter eggs with the family vbarton24@ gmail dot com

  8. my favourite thing about easter is coloring eggs with the grandchildren, and spending the whole day with them

  9. My favorite thing about Easter is how amazing my Mom's cooking smells and tastes! And helping her chase my dad upstairs to keep him out of the kitchen lol

  10. one of my favorite part of easter is getting to go home and see my family as well as most of the time my birthday is close to it as well so even more celebrating:)

  11. Oh goody! I follow your blog.

  12. My favorite thing about Easter is time with family.

  13. My favourite thing about Easter is having quality time with the children and being able to do 'nice' stuff with them instead of the stuff we have to do in our homeschooling week.


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