Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Holiday pics!


I hope everyone had a good Easter and was visited by the special Easter bunny =:0) I thought today I would put my promised holiday and chocolate bunny pictures....

Firstly here is the AMAZING chocolate bunny I got as my Easter gift! He came from a shop called Chocolate Island (on the Isle of Wight where I went on holiday). Their chocolate is delicious, all that is left now is a tiny bit of his bum :0) mmmmmm............

The other bonus of my Easter gift was that I got to keep all the ribbon that was tying it up to use in future projects. I was a very happy bunny, lol :D

I stayed at Calbourne Mill in the Isle of Wight, in a cottage. The cottage was surrounded by large grounds with mill, cafe and shop, mini boating lake, mini putting course and even animals like peacocks and chickens!!!!!!
We got a slice of free cake in the cafe and free use of all the activities/grounds (which is good as normally if your just visiting the place you have to pay for it all including an entrance fee)

 This was the boating lake (avec fish!) which we all went for a row on pretty much everyday

 And here are the grounds, the boating lake runs all the way along the hill so you get a lovely view as you row, row, row, row ,row your boat :) We pretty much had all of this space to ourselves after closing time.

Now for some of the most cutest animals you have eeeevvvverrrr seen...

 Tiny baby chickens AWWWWWWWW I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

 And baby ducks, I nearly died of a cuteness overload! :o3

I'm glad I saw the peacocks fanning their feathers though, It was amazing! Very inspiring... They were all trying to impress the pea-hens who basically weren't at all interested :( Ah well, that's nature.

soo cool!

That's basically it for my holiday pics (I probably bored you all to death, soz!)

In other news I FINALLY found a pattern for a little pretty jacket to go over my prom dress! Yayyyyyyyy :) Im getting there but its crochet and Ive never done anything big in crochet before. However I think Ive got the stitch pattern now soo Ill be finished soon.

See you all vvvveerrrrryyyy sooon!

Bye x <3 x


  1. WOOOOWWW. That bunny is HUGE! :O

  2. I know, I was standing in the shop looking at it thinking, do I really need a chocolate bunny that big? Then my dad was like 'hes got you name written all over him...' And who am I to refuse! :0)


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