Thursday, 2 June 2011

DAL Design Idea

Hey Guys!

Now I've finished my Project Yarnway design I've had a chance to sit down and come up with a design idea for the Design Along group (DAL) I joined on Ravelry as well (I've got the designing bug!).

The theme for the Summer Challenge is Gardens

I submitted this picture as my inspiration:

And then came up with Cherry Blossom Gloves as my design Idea. They are a bit difficult to explain so I'll let my sketch mainly do the talking :)

There basically fingerless gloves based around a triangle shape with little crochet cherry blossoms on the front.
I'm going with making the Cherry blossoms and gloves from a light pink yarn. Possibly some dark pink yarn for the middle of the flowers along with some little beads in the centre too to add extra detail :)

Now its just down to buying the yarn (I've only got a little bit of light ) and starting to knit!!! After working out tension etc... first of course :)

I have a while though as the designs aren't due till the 25th August so they will definitely be finished!


See you all soon,
bye xxx


  1. Just wondering.... how do you design something, and then come up with a pattern for it??? I have always wanted to give it a go, but I have no idea how to do it, or where to start (only a 13yr knitter)

    Would reallly appreciate some info on this

  2. I love it! Not a lot of patterns out there combine knit and crochet - Not that I'd be able to make it, since I can't crochet, but I still like it :)

  3. Knittinggirl: Thank you sooooo much for following my blog :) In answer to your question, there isn't really any set way to design something, everybody does it differently.
    I personally think of what I would like to make, whether it be a toy or an accessory and then draw it, just roughly (I'm no artist! :0) and then I just think about how I could make it i.e Could I knit it flat, are there some bits I could crochet, if it's a toy should I make the head and body separatley or all in one?
    Then I simply pick up a hook or pair of needles in an appropriate size (i.e not massive needles for a small toy) and my chosen yarn colour and just give it a try. It usually takes a couple of trys before you get the right shape/size item you want, you may even have to change needle sizes a few times. Just make sure you write down what you are doing each time (or you forget the pattern like I normally do! :) I'm no designing expert but I hope I have helped a little bit.
    Tension is something you probably shouldn't worry about to much yet you learn that as you go along (im still learning anyway!). If you find yourself stuck for ideas just do a brainstorm or some doodles and squiggles, youll usually find you come up with something to make that way :)
    Knitting two flat pieces (i.e increasing and decreasing to create a shape) then sewing them and stuffing them is and easy way to design your own toys, just like the button monsters, they are made in this way.
    At the moment Im in the middle of alot of exams :( but afterwards I will look at doing a few posts on desiging (youll probably be an expert by then though!
    If you have any more questions dont hesitate to post or you can email me at: :0)

    Alyssa: Thank you, and thanks for starting the group, im really excited!

  4. Thanks very much... I am also in the middle of a busy period at school, but I'd love to start designing my own patterns in the upcoming semester break.

    Thanks again! :)


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