Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'm back!!!

Hello everyone!

I'm Back! and better than ever, Hehehe!

I have missed you all lots!
 I had a brilliant holiday though! :0) The apartment we stayed in was nice and had a great view of the sea and the water park was very fun, we went rock pooling and snorkeling quite a few times too!

This was the view from our balcony:

and here is a picture of the water park:

In the end I was brave enough to go on all the slides :)

This is one of the beaches I visited:

The water was quite clear and contained lots of fish and little creatures, I went floating round on my lilo wearing a snorkel, exploring! I kept creeping my dad out by saying 'I can see a hermit crab' and 'Whats that thing?', he's not as keen on the creatures of the deep as I am, he worries he will tread on them and get stung/bitten etc...! :0)

I can't blame him though, I did see some pretty odd marine life, such as this centipede type thing:

I think he is quite cute in his own way :)...?

In the rock pools there were lots of crabs and some baby hermit crabs too, which, of course I took pictures of to show all you lovely people!

I also manged to fit in a lot of crafting (post coming soon :) and bought loads of good stuff from the local shops such as a realllly cute hello kitty backpack and pair of shoelaces, some little hair clips and some bargain bracelets which had loooaaddsss of beads on which I am going to cut up and use for crafting :)

I also bought some stuff for a giveaway which I will be posting up soon, it has just been pretty hectic first day back. My GCSE results were meant to be posted to me, as I was away but there was a mix up and they weren't (I did find a little thank you card in the post though from Laura from Cute crocheted creations for the gift I sent her for her wedding, which you can see on her blog. That made me smile, thank you Laura!)

In the end I had to go to school to try and get them, thankfully the exams officer kindly came in especially for me, to sort them out :-)

I got:

English literature= A
English language= A
Maths= A*
Biology= A*
Physics= A*
Chemistry= A*
Citizenship= A*
RE= A*
PE= A*
Geography= A*
Business= A*
Food tech = A*

I was soooooooooo happy! I really wanted to get straight a's and was really nervous but in the end I managed to do even better than hoped, I cried when I saw the sheet! :D My family were thrilled too and to celebrate they are treating me to pizza and ice cream tonight, mmmmm...,

Yum! :P

I am a VERY happy bunny! =:0)

I also got to go to my knitting group today :) ( I will post about that soon as well)

I think I need too go and lie down now though, I have had a lot of excitement today and I didn't get back till about 1:00am this morning so I think I definitely need to relax a bit before my next dose of excitement, my pizza and ice cream spectacular! 

See you all very, very soon!

Bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(p.s thanks to Cucki for looking after wooly! Lol :-)

Bye <3


  1. Welcome back! It looks like you had a great break :D

  2. hello dear, welcome back my friend..wolly and me missed you so much..
    all the pictures are so lovely..looks like you had a great you hugs xx

  3. WOW great exam results!!! What A levels are you going to be doing? Huge congratulations! Looks like you had a great holiday- I missed you! Looking forward to seeing photos of your crafting :-) Glad the thank you card arrived, thanks again for the goodies! My parents arrived today and I showed them to my Mum- she thought the panda flannels were the cutest thing ever! I'm glad to know that you're back as I have a little birthday parcel to send you and I didn't want to send it if you were away... hopefully I'll post it on Monday... yay!

  4. Once again, looks like you've had a WONDEROUS time. I've been sick all week but I've had to come because of tests etc :(

    Wow! Good results! I had straight As on my last report card too :). And those were a lot of subjects.... we only do 6 a semester.

  5. Alyssa: Thanks, it's nice to be back! I really did have a great break :)

    Cucki: Awww, thank you :0)

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you!!!!! XXXXX At the moment I am down for Psychology, Maths, Physics and Business and Economics, everything will be confirmed when I go back :)

    You spoil me! You really didn't have to get me anything, you are too kind :D Thank you soo much you are soo sweet!

    Thanks xxxx

    Knittinggirl: Poor you! Don't worry the holidays are coming for you! :0)

    Thank you :), well done!


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