Tuesday, 17 January 2012

All prepared!

Hey everyone,

In 10 days I am getting one of my wisdom teeth taken out because it is growing all funny and kinda hurts :( I was a bit worried at first but my parents and my little brother said they would get me a couple of presents  for being brave!!!! :D They are a very lovely and generous family, they also said we could eat lots of ice cream :-) Now I have something to look forward to I feel a lot less scared about the whole thing and when I visited the dentist to book the appointment all of the dentist-people (hehehe :) seemed very nice so that made me feel better too.

Some of you may know of my love of knitted/crocheted/stitched brooches so I thought I would make one to  wear to the dentist, a little friend to accompany me...

Here is Norman the wisdom tooth (that is why he has got glasses, hehee):

He is blushing because his roots have been revealed, lol!

The people at the dentists will probably think I am a bit crazy, but oh well, Norman will help me stay calm (and so will  the thought of the prezzies and ice cream when I get home! :0)

See you all later,

Bye xxXxxXxx <3


  1. aww cute friend you made to take along to the dentist..i love it..
    i hope everything goes well with the wisdom tooth at the dentist..
    big hugs cucki xx

  2. so cute. i wonder if i could make one for my sister, not a wisdom tooth but just a cute tooth cause she's terrified of dentists and keeps having to go

  3. springmusician: Thanks! :D Hehehe, it might help her :0)


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