Sunday, 8 January 2012

Blythe outfit swap

Hello everyone :)

A while ago on Ravelry I joined the Knitting for Blythe group and a month ago a handmade outfit swap was opened! I was really excited and signed up straight away and got to work on an idea for my outfit, last week I posted mine off and may partner has now received it (and really likes it!!!! :0D) so now I can show it to you. It was apple themed and I tried to package it up like a real outfit you can buy, I call my outfit 'Orchard cutie!':

I designed the dress and hat, the scarf was inspired by the one I was sent by the lovely Laura in the cute and quirky swap and used a pattern from Puchi Collective for the shirt :) I hand felted the little apple too, just for fun!

As an extra I included these little crocheted Bunny slippers (my own pattern :)

Hehehe, It was really fun making my outfit!

I can't wait to see what outfit I get sent to meeee! :D

See you all soon,



  1. Hello busy bee the whole outfit is so cute and slippers are darling..
    Well done .. Big hugs for you cucki :)

  2. cucki: Hahaha :) Thank you! xxxxx hugs back :0)


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