Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mini leeks

Hey guys,

A girl at school who sits next to me in form really loves manga (and is really good at drawing it too!) She was once telling me about this singing manga Character called Miku Hatsune, she sounded really cool so I  looked her up on you tube and found some of her songs which I thought were really good (even though I can't understand them because they are in Japanese, lol! :)

Here is a picture of her:

Image from: here

I love her blue hair :0) There was only one thing... why is she holding a leek!? None of her songs are about leeks or anything? It took me a while to find out why, but in the end it is something to do with a funny welsh song; 'leekspin', featured in an anime program in Japan.

Once I unveiled the mystery of the leeks I found myslef having an overwhelming desire to make some!

Hehehe :D Here are my mini versions of Miku's signature leeks:

They were so fun to make, I am turning one of them into a brooch for myself and am going to give the other one to the girl who introduced me to Miku and her wonderful leekiness! :0P Hehehe, I hope she likes it.

I am off to sew pins to the back of my mini leeks :)

See you all soon,

Byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxx


  1. very interesting know about miku..and leeks..
    i am going to show this post to my daughter too..
    your leeks are so sweet..
    hugs and love xxx

  2. Hehehehe, thanks, I found finding out about Miku interesting too! :)


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