Friday, 27 January 2012

My tooth is gone!

Hi guys,

Today was the day I got my wisdom tooth taken out! I was a bit scared when I was sitting in the dentists waiting (wearing Norman my wisdom tooth badge, of course :0) but the dentist and dentist nurse were very nice. The numbing injection was the bit that hurt the most (well it hurts a bit now too) but during that I had to try and find outer mongolia on the map on the ceiling, hehehee!

Why I got home (with a numb mouth and dribbling everywere!) my very generous family gave me the gifts they very generously got me for being brave :) Here is the beautiful doll my mum got me:

She is sooo lovely <3 I cant wait to make some clothes for her, I have just got to finish the mermaid costume I am making for my Tangkou doll (pictures coming soon :D)

I haven't decided on a name for her yet... maybe Tianna? :)

Here is the jumper my dad got me, I am always cold so my dad got it for me to keep me nice and snuggly! hehhehe and because the label says 'brave soul' on it lol :o)

And my super duper, lovely jubbly, fandabby dosy brother got me these two brilliant gifts!

A Domokun plush and VEGGIE MARSHMALLOWS made by Sweet Vegan! I have been looking for veggie marshmallows
F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!! and never found them and Domo is hysterical, I LOVE him! :D (my brother showed me the Domo show on you tube, well worth a look, it is very funny :o)

Hehehehe, I am hugging my lovely Domo now <3 (and eating my marshmallows :0P)

My nan and auntie also got me some bath stuff so I can relax and rewind if my mouth is hurting,

Thank you to my fantastic family, I love you all so much <3

See all you lovely readers again soon too :)

Bye xxx


  1. Hehe they used to play mini episodes of Domo on Nickelodeon between shows. I love the one with the spoon-bending! (you should check it out)

  2. Knittinggirl: Will do! Thanks :D xxx

  3. Hey Jordan! Glad to hear that your trip to the dentist wasn't too bad, I'm sure Norman was very helpful! Lovely presents from your family, I must google Domo as I've seen some crochet patterns for him and he seems very cute! Hope you have a great weekend. Laura x

  4. aww deary..warm hugs for you..
    lovely gifts from your family..domo is so sweet..
    take care and have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you! Heheh, yes he did keep me calm :-) You definately should, since getting my plush I can't get enough of Domo now! xxx

    cucki: Thank you cucki for the hugs :) I hope you have a lovely weekemd too xxx

  6. Some pull their wisdom tooth all by themselves, which is a definitely inadvisable, as that may cause dental disorders. It would still be best to have a dentist take your tooth out for you. Does it still hurt? Have you tried eating ice cream to numb the pain?

  7. corina Turner: I would never be able to take my tooth out by myself! I went to the dentist and had it taken out :) They were very nice and I ate lots of ice cream after ,hehehe :0)

  8. @Corina: Very well said. I'm an ice cream lover too!

    - Also, it was nice of your brother to give you that brave soul jacket. Well, now you have a brave soul to face the dentist, LOL.

  9. Williams Scherener: I know, I am very lucky to have such a lovely family! :D

    Hehehe, Thanks for commenting! xxx

  10. Yeah, there's a price for being brave! The injection of anesthesia is the only pain you will feel, then the next thing you know, the tooth extraction is finished. Your family is so sweet! What they did was the best consolation prize you could ever receive. Be thankful!

    -Lonnie Frandsen


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