Sunday, 7 July 2013

A non-chocolatey chocolate challenge!

Hi everyone,

About a week ago me and my family went into London for the day. We picked up lunch in Marks and Spencers where we found some walnut whips which we also got. I hadn't tried them before but they were actually very tasty. They are basically chocolate with a fluffy vanilla/marshmallowy type filling and a little walnut on top. A few days later I made some similar things of my own and they were quite tasty too.
I was talking to my friend Springmusician over at My life, my thoughts, my hobbies and she said she had been meaning to make a knitted version of the tasty treat for her mum. I thought a crafty version of the walnut whip was a super great idea so we decided to turn it into a non-chocolatey chocolate challenge and both create our own different versions and post them on our blogs today!
Here is a picture of the original walnut whip:
Image from: here
mmmm..... I really fancy one now :P
And here is my crocheted/knitted (I used a bit of both) version- my entry for our challenge :D:
It was super fun to create, I can't wait to  see Springmusician's creation
If anyone else would like to join in on our non- chocolately walnut whip chocolate challenge, just for fun, feel free- the more the merrier. Knitted, crocheted, sewn or even paper craft, all are welcome! Just leave a comment below with a link to your post or send a picture to me at and I will share them on my blog :)
Funny enough I am going on a chocolate tasting tour around London today, hehehe, I wonder if any walnut whips will be included in that :0P
See you all soon,


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