Friday, 5 July 2013

Vintage couture sewing techniques- day 3, 4 and 5

Today I bring you some pictures of what I learnt on the rest of my Vintage couture sewing techniques course :) I can't believe that today was the last day, it went so quickly, probably because I was having so much fun!
On day 3 (Wednesday) we spent the whole day- over 4 hours (!!!!!) just making this special curved seam pocket. There were so many stages involving different types of hand sewing due to it being couture. The outcome was worth it though, it is the most lovely pocket I have yet seen :P
Here is a work in progress picture:

And here is the finished project- the pattern lines up all over once constructed, that is another reason it takes so much care and time:
Day 4 we did this decorative technique sampler including trapunto quilting (the very padded one- padding is inserted after sewing), normal quilting, roleau, different types of applique, openwork and encrusting (the dark blue one- inserting and patch/shape of fabric into the background fabric):

And today- the last day, we did some scalloping:

You can use it around hems or cuffs or down the front of fancy garment :)
And we did some lace applique, hand tucks, machine tucks, a French seam and hand rolled and pin tuck hems:

Hehee, yes all of those things are on the piece of fabric above. It is surprising how many techniques you can try on one piece of fabric :0)
And finally we tried some different couture finishings/fastenings:

It will be so weird not getting up and going to learn more tomorrow, though I only have to wait a couple of weeks and then I am going on my millinery course :D And next week I am going to practice some more techniques at home.
I made this pincushion for the course tutor as he was really nice to us all :)

I put a T on it for his name, he really liked it so I was pleased, he even started using it today! :o)
Just in case any one is interested he runs quite a few courses in different places here is his website-
I hope you all had a good week too,
See you soon,
Byeeee XXX


  1. Wow - what a wonderful course! Wish I could've done it too.

    And congrats on all your hard work - the samples are FAB! especially the Pocket - it is amazing!

    1. Hehehe, it was good! :)

      Thank you, the clothes you make for your dolls are really amazing! You being a costume maker was one of the things which made me look into costume making in the first place And now I'm going to make it my career too as I love sewing! :0) xxx

  2. I hope the next course is just as enjoyable for you. I love the little pincushion you made! That is so sweet and such a nice thing to do.

    1. Thank you- I am very excited about it! :) I love to make gifts for people :-) xxx


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