Thursday, 11 July 2013

It's a felt feast!

I have now finished all of the felt cakes/desserts from the kits my dad bought me a couple of weeks ago :) I worked on them over a few evenings (whilst watching Big Brother- my guilty pleasure :-P)
I love all the little bits and bobs they gave you to finish of the treats with like the cake box and the doily. I like the designs too, they are different to many of the felt cake kits I have seen/made before.
Here is my finished felt feast!:

I added some little beads as the seeds for the strawberry to add to the jazziness even more!

To me these cupcakes are more like fancy petit fours, I would say the first one is strawberry flavour, then the middle one is marshmallow flavour and the last one is a fancy chocolate brownie square.... mmmmmm..... I'm getting hungry now :P
I am tempted to rummage through my 'handmade stuff' box to find all the other felt cakes I have ever made and display them like a huge felt cream tea, hehehe :0)
In other news the chocolate walk I mentioned I was going on last time I posted was really good- we got lots of samples from places like; Hotel Chocolat, Fortnum and Mason's, Charbonel and Walker and Paul A Young. My favourite sample was the milk chocolate passion fruit truffle we got from Fortnum and Mason's. In Hotel Chocolat we got some chocolate pasta which will be interesting to try! I will let you know what I think when I try it :)
See you all soon,


  1. OOO lovely

    you have been much more productive than I I'm not even finished my walnut whip yet, though I have a strict idea on how I'm making it, I have to go hobbycraft to get the bits I'm missing in my design

  2. cucki: Hehehe :) xxx

    springmusician: Thanks, Hehe I just can't stop crafting at the moment- today I have actually just been sewing ALL DAY! :P

    I can't wait to see it! xxx

    1. Me either :P

      been busy tidying house, and making my fiance's bday pressent, that I keep putting it back, But I went and bought the materials I needed yesterday (ended up spending an hour in hobbycraft just looking at bits)so I will be making it this weekend along with finishing Martin's pressie :P


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