Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Vintage couture sewing techniques- day 1 and 2


I hope everyone had a good day :) For the whole of this week I am on a sewing course learning about Vintage Couture (one off, personally fitted/tailored garments) Sewing Techniques! I have learnt so much already- and I still have three days left :0D
Day one we mainly talked about what vintage and couture actually mean and we looked inside and analysed a couture Givenchy jacket- It was so interesting to actually get to see all the inside construction and techniques involved (like secret padding to help improve the couture clients shape :P).
Then today we did samples of loads of different seams- curved, lapped, welted, square/corner, bound- I have done some of them before on a previous course I went on but this time I learnt how to do them the full, professional tailor couture way which was super cool- time consuming but with great results!
Here are some shots of my work in progress and finished pictures of a couple of the seams (I won't bore you with them all! :P):

This is the curved lapped one.

And this one is the special lapped corner one.
Hhehehe, I am already super excited for tomorrow which I think might be on decorative techniques. I will keep you all updated on what I get up to this week :D
See you soon,


  1. this looks sooo much fun, glad you are enjoying it, those seams are beautiful (the crafting nerd in me :P) they are really neat, and just wow (the ocd in me, doesn't emerge very often) they are so tidily done, wish I could do sewing like that

  2. wow, sounds like an amazing course

  3. Springmusician: Thanks, I can't belive today was the last day, it went soo quick! Heheh I try :P xxx

    Kerryp77: Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it :D More pitures of the last 3 days coming today in my post :) xxx

  4. OMG!! Did you actually have a Givenchy jacket there to touch!?!?! It sounds like such an amazing thing to do.And your WIPs?!? Fantastic ^_^

    1. Hehehe, yes we did, It took me a while to work out we did though as I didn't realise it was pronounced givaunchy rather than more like give-en-she :P silly me! Thanks :0) xxx


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