Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hat happiness :)


As I mentioned from Monday till today I was on a millinery course. It was millinery for beginners and we learnt all the steps of how to make a simple straw and felt hat.
It was really cool because we all got to choose the shape of our hat crowns and brims from a whole range of blocks (what you shape the hat on) in a big cupboard so we could do our own design rather than just a standard hat.
Making the hats involved a lot of hand sewing as all of the sewing of both the hats was done by hand and the thicker materials (rather than just fabric) meant I kept prodding myself, but ahh well I'm sure my hands will toughen up If I keep making more hats :P Quite a lot of effort was also involved in stretching the fabric so making hats literally involves blood, sweat and tears! But it is still super fun though!
Here are some shots of my work in progress:


And here are my finished hats! :D:

I played around with tons of different trimmings on each but in the end I liked the more simple look for each- sometimes simple is best :) I will be wearing the orange straw sun hat on holiday and I will probably wear the felt hat when I get the right occasion- it reminds me of a bugsy Malone/old fashioned gangster style, Hehehe I think it looks quite cool on me if I may say so myself :P
As a thank you to the course teacher- as she was so lovely and really great at explaining everything and helping people I made this little hat brooch for her using a little straw hat and some ribbons/decorations I had:

She liked it so I was pleased :-)
This is her website where she sells her hat and she also does one on one teaching in case anyone is interested:
I hope you all have a lovely weekend :) See you soon,
Bye XoXo Bye XoXo


  1. Beautiful :) xxx

  2. Wow, impressive stuff! I love your background... it's so cute :)

  3. Ellie: Thanks :) xxx

    cucki: Thank you :D xxx

    Mel Makes: Thanks, the course was soo fun! Thanks :-) xxx

  4. Impressive, they are beautiful I espeically love your straw hat :) you are very talented


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