Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sunday style

Hi guys,

Today I bring you two Sunday styles (hehehee, because I wore one of them on Saturday- not Sunday but sshhh :P)
First is a slightly more sophisticated Sunday style, well no crazy coloured wig this time!
It is this bird dress with long straps that tie at the back of the neck :o):
It is made out of a spare curtain from a pack my mum bought for the porch. She asked me did I want it and I was like if it's fabric I'll have it! And I think I managed to put it to good use. I wore the dress to dog racing with my family and it was pretty hot so I'm glad what I made was cool and flowy :)
Hehehe, a slightly more usual Sunday style now (but still no wig sadly- it is too hot!)..... a pair of doughnut print culottes:

With little kawaii blue star buttons I got from japan- this is the first piece of clothing I have flat pattern drafted from measurements to block to adding pockets and a fly so I was pleased they came out with a relatively good fit- a little bit of adjustment needed but nothing major :) The were verrryyy comfy as being culottes and not shorts they were a bit more roomy, I wore them round to lunch at some family friends. They were fun to make and to wear! :P
I hope you are all having a lovely week,
See you soon,
Bye xxx


  1. Absolutely love the birdcage!

  2. that dress is gorgeous xxx

  3. I love the dress, and those shorts, very funky

    I love watching dog racing, though we last went in 2003 before my nan got ill, and before my lil brother was born, dont know why we've not been, I think my dad thought romford track was closed down, maybe it was...

  4. Aww I love the dress so sweet xx

  5. Alessia: yeah, it is lovely fabric :) xxx

    Ellie: Thank you :D xxx

    springmusican: heehhe, thanks :0) Nah, it is still open :) xxx

    cucki: Thank you :-) xxx

  6. The bird dress is stunning!! I want one!! ^_^ you are incredibly clever! You can make my clothes if you like ^_^

    1. Hehehe, thank you! :D maybe one day when I have completed my uni course and can make you something uber, uber, super fabulous! :P xxx


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