Monday, 26 August 2013

Calling from Copenhagen!

Hi everybody,
Haha, yes I am actually in Copenhagen, in Denmark doing this post :P As the last part of our family summer holidays me and my family booked to come to Denmark for four days- none of us had ever been before so it has been cool discovering stuff alltogether. Today is our last day and I think we are going to the Guiness World Record Museum, which looks cool as I think there is some Marylin Monroe style dresses there for me to stare at :P
Yesterday we went to Tivoli Gardens- the theme park in the centre of Copenhagen that inspired Walt Disney to build Disneyland and that Also inspired some of Hans Christian Andersons Stories. Hans Christian Anderson lived in Copenhgen and was born in Denmark so we went to the mini Museum about him too, it had a series of pieces of paper which he had actually written on of his stories on, which apparently cost millions of Danish Kroner for them to buy!
Anyway, back to Tivoli :oP
There was a lot less ques than there are in places like Disneyland which was good as it meant you could pretty much get on anything you wanted in one day. I went on tons of rides with my brother and my parents came on a few- but I was the only one brave (MAD!) enough to go on star flyer- basically an extremely tall chairoplane:
I still don't know how I managed to get myself on to it, I suppose it was my curiosity of what it woud be like to be flying high in a little chair!? I am the one in the middle of the picture, some how my dad managed to get a picture of me all the way up there:

Haha, I was holding on Verrrrryyyy tightly but I was having fun, and the view was amazing, I think I could see the whole of Copenhagen :P I could see all of the park and quite a lot outside it too. I felt quite refreshed after I got off too- it must have been all of the fresh air up there, it was so windy!
Tivoli was very pretty, I could see why it had inspired so many people:

I'm off now because me and my family are off for breakfast so we can get on and get out :) But one more funny thing before I go- Over here Strawberries are called Jordabaer, which has mde me laugh because it is so close to my name (Jordan :), I am a little strawberry! :P
See you all soon, I hope you are having a lovely weekend,
Bye! xxx

P.S. I will bring you the last few pictures from my holiday when I get home, and don't forget if you haven't already to vote for the name in the fuzzy Llama giveaway as there isn't long left now :0) xxx

Bye xoxoxx


  1. How lovely ^_^ Enjoy the rest of your stay ^_^

    1. Thanks :) We had a brilliant last day :D xxx


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