Friday, 9 August 2013

More holiday happenings


Tomorrow I head home from the Isle of Wight so this is my second and last holiday update post!
This week has been just as good as last week though so I can't complain :D
We went to Carisbrooke Castle which is nice as you can walk all around the ramparts (I think that's what they are called :P) which means you can get some really good views...... see :):

In the evenings, as well as making my bunny, I have been practising some of the embroidery from the books I picked up- Here is my first finished piece:
I thought it was such a cool design and even more cool was the way you could completely cut around it and even cut out the space between the loops. I am going to use it as a patch and keep trying some more embroidery- it was very fun and didn't actually take me that long to work up :0)
Another outing me and my family took was to the IOW bus museum, which was surprisingly very fun! You could get on pretty much any one of the old buses and  sit in the drivers seat or go and sit at the back on top of the double deckers (hehehe, and yes I did pretend I was driving all of the buses- like the 5 year olds at the museum were doing too :P)  
These were my favourite ones :-):
I love the brown and cream colour of this one!

In the fabric shop I visit on the Island every time I come I found this bag of rainbow fleece material scraps, it was only 95p but as soon as I saw it I thought of tons of random  things I could make with it all.
Here is one of the first ideas I had, a fuzzy wuzzy mini llama! :oD:

He is called Enriko, seen as that is what the button I found in a draw and used for his eye said on it. I am very happy with my new little design, I will definitely be making more of them using different colours of the fleece- I want a whole funky llama crew! I have become a bit addicted to llamas/alpacas ever since I got the kawaii mini alpaca backpack from Hyper-Japan, I'm sure the obsession will wear off soon..... maybe...... :-p
Hehehe that's all for my holiday update now, I hope I have not bored you all too much! I hope you are all having a lovely week,
Speak to you again soon,
Byeeeee my friends xxxx


  1. Your embroidery is stunning! And I soo love your little Llama! ^_^
    Enjoy the rest of you hols.

  2. Enriko made me smile :)
    I hope you have enough fleece to make more!

    1. Hehehe, I'm glad! :) I do have and I definitely will be making many more :P xxx


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