Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sunday Style

As you will probably know I have been back of holiday for a few days now. My parents have been offering for ages now to do my room up but with all my studying for A levels and stuff I hadn't got round to it- but now it's the summer holidays and I am free! :D so me and my parents have been painting and decorating since we got back and it is almost done. I am sooo excited, I have new craft storage boxes and a sewing area and a funky fire place me and my dad decorated. I will post pictures when it is fully completed, which should be by the end of the week :-)
But in other news today I bring you another Sunday style, which I actually wore to family barbecue before I went on holiday:
I made the pattern myself by draping on the stand :) It was a little tight, but that will teach me to drape a bit more loosely next time :-P

I did diagonal underarm darts and straight back waist darts- the darts being the main design features as I thought the fabric was so pretty that I didn't want to take away from it by adding too much to the dress. I think it is a print of forests and lakes and old fashioned ladies:

To me it reminded me slightly of Japanese traditional gardens :)
I'm off now to get in bed so I am ready in the morning to finish off the tidying of my room :P And in the afternoon me and my family are going to see Charlie And the Chocolate Factory in the theatre in the west end so I mustn't be too tired for that either!
See you soon,
Byeee xxx
P.S. Thank you to Steph for sending me the lovely parcel of incense after reading on my blog that I have been using some it :) They all smell so nice!


  1. That is a stunning dress!! the fabric is gorgeous! Look forward to seeing your room makeover, it sounds perfect. And no problem at all ^_^ I love incense and it's nice to share some faves ^_^

    1. Thank you :D Hehehe, it is coming along well!

      They smell gorgeous! :-) xxx


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