Saturday, 17 August 2013

Results and a Fuzzy Llama giveaway!

As many of you will know from the news Thursday was results day for all the A-level people, so that includes me :P I got A* in Psychology, General studies, Maths and Physics and A in Business & Economics. When I got home from picking up my results I checked my emails and all the confirmation for my uni place had been sent through, so YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I am DEFINITELY 'in' to study Costume Production :D I am soooooooo excited- I have started buying the books and stuff I need so am waiting eagerly for the different bits to arrive through the post! :-)
As I feel in a very celebratory mood on confirmation of my uni place I thought I would do a giveaway- with a bit of a twist!
As Enriko, the little fuzzy llama I made, got such a good reception when I blogged about him I thought I would make another little llama friend to do a giveaway with....
As well as the little llama you could also win his surprise little prize parcel!- here is just a teaser pic of it:
To enter the giveaway:
You have to be a follower
And now here comes the twist...
Then comment below with a cool name you would choose to name the fuzzy llama.
On 21st of August entries will close
Then on the 21st of August I will put up a list of all the names/entries and then everybody can vote for there favourite name (not their own entry obviously)! The name with the most votes after a week will win the Llama and the surprise parcel :D
As usual the giveaway is open to anyone, any age, anywhere!
I hope everyone has got that- I will go over it again just to make sure as sometimes I don't explain well :P
- To enter the giveaway be a follower and comment below with the name you would give to the fuzzy little llama on offer (make sure you include a way to contact you too in case you win e.g. blog or email address or ravelry name)
- You have until the 21st of August to enter
- on the 21st I will post up a list of the name entries and then there will be voting open for a week where you can vote for the name you think is best (not your own entry)
- Then the person whose name got the most votes will win all the goodies and the fuzzy llama!
Good luck everybody- I can't wait to read all the great names :o)
if anyone still has any questions feel free to post them below,
See you all again soon with pictures of my room which is now all done- apart from a clock :P,
Byeeeeeeee xxxx


  1. Starry Skies. It makes me think of the sky at night with stars and the legs are the grass. It is very calming to look at.

    1. That's lovely :) You have been entered! xxx

  2. Ahhh I would name him Hercules because he looks very heroic.
    Ellie xxxx

    1. Hehehe, that is cool :) You have been entered!

  3. Aww cute ..
    I will call him " sparky "
    Big hugs
    Cucki x

    1. Sweet! You have been entered too :0) xxx

  4. congratulations that is brilliant news well done xxxx
    justcatching up on your posts I love your long dress very elegant, and I love the fabric
    glad your hols have been so good
    love your Llama he is adorable I would call this Llama Bob, I know not very original but I love the name Bob, and he could sit with my female teddy bear called, Fred :P

    BOB :P it just sounds cool

    1. Thank you :0)

      Hehehe, Bob and fred- they would be a good pair :P

      You have been counted in :-) xxx

  5. Congrats on getting into uni!! I remember when I got accepted, I was so excited!

    I would name the llama Glama the Llama... Glama is the species name for llamas, so that was my reasoning!

    1. Thank you :D yes it is an exciting time!

      Interesting, it makes them sound like glamourous llamas :P

      you have been entered xxx

  6. Huge congrats Jordan, well done those are superb grades and great news to hear you got the place you wanted.

    The llama is very cute and I'd call him Boots as he looks like he is wearing green Dr Martens like I had!

    1. Thank you so much :o) And another great name suggestion! I think the voting will be close :0P xxx

  7. I'm gonna go with Northern Sky, he reminds me of the northern lights - green against the blue =D

  8. I left it too late! sob! Good luck to everyone else though ^_^ And WOOHOOO! On your results! that is fantastic and I am one happy bunny for you ^_^

    1. Thank you :-) Just to let you know for the future entries for the giveaway don't close until I put up the post about who has won- literally the close last minuite :P so If I haven't put anything up about it you can still enter :) xxx


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