Saturday, 3 August 2013

Happy holiday happenings

I hope you are all having fun in the summery sun, well, when it is not hidden by the clouds :oP
I am having a great time in the Isle Of Wight (as usual :) and thought I would bring you an update of what I have been up too.
First up- the tale of the giant cucumber! Me and my family went to 'Farmer Jacks' farm shop to get some stuff for tea and in the vegetable baskets we found some HUGE cucumbers so we picked up one (the biggest one :-)
Here it is, it is absolutely massive!!!:

It tasted nice too, the lady in the shop said they aren't usually so big but what with all the sun and then the downpours of rain they had thrived. (the small slice in the picture is a slice from a normal sized cucumber!- not a tiny one or anything)
Hahaha, from giant cucumbers to cool one-man band music machines it is all here in the IOW, yes one man band music machines..... you did not read wrong :P
At Quay Arts- the mini art gallery and shop on the island, there latest exhibit was of this music machine :) Just turn the handle and the wheel rotates and plays a happy little tune on the piano, the drum bangs and the umbrella attached at the
 side spins too!:

Quay Arts is always fun to visit as you never know what will be there but it is always something that makes you smile or makes you think :0)
Here is just a cool picture of the hovercraft coming into the dock/beach that my dad took when we were watching them today:

We did get a lot of sand in our faces though when one of them turned to go on its way and its propellers blew a gust of it straight at us! ahh well it was still fun watching them :)
In the evenings I have been working on this little craft kit my mum got me before we went away- I have sewn the body and arms and ears so far, pictures will of course come when my little bunny is finished ^o^:

And here is a picture of the great bag my dad generously treated me to in a fair-trade shop:

I loved it at first sight-All the little details and pretty colours. It was handmade in India and due to different pieces of scrap fabric being used to make it each one is completely individual. I am saving it to use a little rucksack for when I go to Uni  (:
We are almost at the end of my update now but I have got to mention the Vintage antiques fair we stopped off at this morning. I wasn't sure how much I would find when I walked in but on one table there was a whole stack of old sewing, craft and cross stitch books- all at only £1 each! I looked through all of them and found 6 I really couldn't put down. I can't wait to read all of them cover to cover, I have just got to finish off the two books (about sewing too :) I am reading at the moment first.

Hehehe, sorry, you can all go and give your eyes a rest now, I am done!
See you soon with more updates (if you can all face anymore :P),
Byee xxxxxxxx


  1. The bag is lovely and the bunny is cute... I like his/her long legs :)

  2. Mel Makes: I love it soo much- I can't wait to use it! Hehee, yes its long legs made me laugh too :P I think it is a girl :) xxx

    Alessia: Hehehe :) xxx

  3. I believe my mum has a couple of those books :P

    I shall have to show you a picture of my mums sewing bookshel, which has mags and some of her books on she's not finished sorting out my bedroom (which will be spare room, office and craft room when finishedso now all the books are in there yet, some of her mags are in a shelf in the corner of her room some of the books in the loft I think she should open a craft book and magazine library anyway I'm pretty sure she has the one behind the black one in that pic :P

    I love the bunny pattern :P I wanna be able to craft as good as you my nan used to make dolls bears, clothes everything fabric based basically and mum can do all that and more, whearas I'm only good at knitting and nowhere as good as you

    ok, no more pity part, love your post, glad your hols are going great. My dogs say Hi (they like awesome people so I think they'd say hi if they could talk cause they like awesome people) and the cats

    Oh and I LOVE the bag

    1. Haha, it sounds like what I want my bookshelf to be like eventually! I'm sure you could sew well if you gave it a try :) Thanks! You flatter me :P

      Haha, I say hi back to your dogs and cats! xxx


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