Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy belated blogiversary to me!

Hi everybody,

The 29th of July was my 3rd anniversary of starting my blog! I managed to miss it- silly me, being off of school/work means half the time I don't know what day it is :P
Image from: here!
3 whole years!!!
Doesn't time fly when you are having fun :D
And fun is definitely what I have been having; blogging, meeting all of you lovely people and discovering lots of other cool blogs to read too!
Thank you to all of you followers and even occasional readers who pop by to see me, I love reading all of your comments, it is so nice to be able to share my love of cuteness, craftiness and randomness :D
Hopefully I will still be here blogging in another three years! :P
See you soon (with an update of my holiday so far :),
Bye + huge love and hugs!
p.s As usual I have provided cake for the celebration, so help yourself to a slice:
Image from: here
Hehehe :oP


  1. Great cake very yummy , congrats on your 3rd blogiversary,

  2. happy blogoversary dear.
    big hugs x

  3. Happy Blogiversary :D

  4. Happy Bloggiversary :) xxxx


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