Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers day!

HI!!! :D

Today is Fathers dayyyyy!!! Wooooo :) I love celebrations, whatever they are  *^o^*

Of course, as usual I made something for the occasion, a banana cozy for my dad as they are his favourite fruit! (He has one in his sandwich every day)

He really liked it :) If you too want to make a banana cozy the patterns here:

The pattern is just for a plain one but I added some stripes of brown and green at the end to make it look like a real banana!

I also made my dad a giant peanut butter cookie with butter cream icing and dad written in chocolate on it, there's not much left though.....

It was veeeerrrrrryyyy yummy :P

I was really stressed last night though and spent ages worrying about whether or not it was cooked in the middle, it was :D

 As a treat my mum took me and my dad and my brother to Marine Ices (an Italian restaurant in London) and then we went for a walk up primrose hill. I really needed the walk after all the pizza and ice cream I ate!

I didn't forget all you lot though, here's a picture taken at the very top for you to enjoy :)

I hope everyone else had a good Fathers day too,
See you soon, bye!


  1. Glad you had a great Father's Day! I spent my father's day far away from my dad, so it's been a hard day...

  2. Alyssa: Awwwww :( Don't worry, he will know you were thinking of him :)


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