Monday, 6 June 2011

Marshmallow clouds! :3


The other day I reallllly wanted to make an amigurumi cloud, don't ask me why... I'm just a bit crazy! :0)

I went on Ravelry to try and find a pattern but I couldn't  find one for the kind of thing I wanted to make so I created my own pattern for what I like to call marshmallow clouds :3

 It took quite a few tries to get the pattern right, the first one I made came out basically as a triangle and the second was really flat, but I got there in the end:

This is the vanilla marshmallow cloud and then I went on and created the strawberry and mint marshmallow clouds!

Once I made one I couldn't stop, I want to make a whole collection of them, all in different flavours (colours) :)  

Next I want to make a grape (purple) marshmallow cloud and also make a blueberry (blue) one too.....

.......ooohhhh and a butter cream/lemon one (yellow), and a licorice (black) one! ooh, ooh, ooh and a candy floss (light pink) one!!!

 sorry, Ive gone off on one! :D

See you all soon,
Bye! xxx


  1. SO CUTE!!! I tried learning how to crochet once, managed to crochet a tiny square piece, then never tried at it again... I guess I'm a knitter.

    PS, you should check out this awesome knitting blog, It's very cute, just like your blog.

  2. Awwwwh! So cute! But there needs to be a grumpy gray one!

  3. Knittinggirl: Thanks :0) I will!

    Alyssa: Good Idea, I will get onto making one very soon!

  4. Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks :)

  5. I found this pretty good amigurumi cloud pattern the other day, thought you might be interested in it.

  6. Knittinggirl: oohhh, thanks I will check it out :)


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