Thursday, 9 June 2011

Japan flag brooch: Free Pattern

Hey Guys!

I know its been a while since the Japan earthquake but Japan still need help as they rebuild. A couple of weeks ago I donated to the Japanese Red Cross who are doing a really good job and have saved many people. After donating I wanted to help more and I thought, why not create a pattern that people could sell to raise money! and I came up with this:

The Japan Flag brooch :)

Just follow the chart below using 3.25mm needles and Dk red and white yarn. I have tried to make the chart as clear as possible but if you have any problems just post your questions below and I will answer them :0)

If your brooch doesn't come out the size you want just switch to larger or smaller needles.

Once finished darn in all loose ends and sew a safety/brooch pin to back.

They are really quick to make!

Feel free to sell the brooches made from this pattern (Just don't claim the pattern as your own :)

Good luck if you do make and sell them!

I hope you all like the pattern and I hope it helps Japan in some way :)

See you all soon, byeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxx


  1. Wow! What an absolutely sweet idea! :) These would look really nice backed with a stiff felt.

  2. Yes, very good idea, going towards a great cause.

  3. Great idea! :D (It's Crafty-laura from Ravelry, btw!!)

  4. Alyssa: Thanks, thats a really good idea!

    Knittinggirl: Thank you :0)

    Chaucer's Aunty: Hi! Thanks for following, I can't wait for the swap :D


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