Tuesday, 28 June 2011

*Sniffle, sniffle*..... The designing bug is back!

Hi Guys :)

Yup its back alright since I've been off school I've had way more time to knit and crochet so have been doing some more designing, mainly of small things because they are the things I like to make the most :0)

First up I made some mini sushi:

Don't ask why, I just thought it would be cute :3

I want to make a few in different 'flavours' and then sew a little felt bento box to put them all in or attach them to a bracelet to make a cool knitted sushi charm bracelet! I'll probably have time to do both..... :)

I was inspired to create my next new design from the yarn I got sent by my swap partner in this months swap.

Oooo I nearly forgot if you want to see what I sent my swap partner you can have a look at the post on my swap partners blog: here! 

The different colours reminded me of planets and the different colours of the clouds of gas  etc... that surround them and I had the idea of making an amigurumi Saturn!

The pattern isn't perfected yet, it's still in the prototype stage but I am pretty happy with it. The random colours you get from the yarn I think gives a really good effect :D

And last but not least I designed this flower wristlet to go with my prom dress!!!!

It's difficult to show up the details on camera, but it is made up of three different sized flowers layered on top of each other on a little strap fastened at the back with a button.

It goes with my dress really well :) Proms on Friday and I'm soooo glad I finally have something I made (and designed) myself to wear to it!

I have to go now, my hands deserve a rest from crafting and typing! :0)

See you all soon,

Bye Bye x

P.s Start saving cereal boxes, crisp packets and other  wrappers as I have a cool crafty crochet tutorial coming up soon! :D oooohhh the excitement!

Au revoir! xxx


  1. They are very cute sushi! Well done! And I love the planet, what a fab use for the swop wool :D I love your flower wristlet too, how nice! My Mum has made me a crocheted brooch to wear at my wedding too! Laura x

  2. I'm amazed that you can come up with these things so quickly!All your creations are very cute :)

  3. Laura: Hehehe thank you :) The colours in they yarn were just perfect, I can't wait to make more. I bet the brooch is really pretty :) Thanks xxx

    Knittinggirl: Hahahah, thanks :D


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