Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Super stars! (*o*)

Yo People!

Do you remember the mixed pastel coloured yarn I got sent by a swap partner? If not here it is :0)

Well it inspired me to create these...

They are quite quick and easy and I think they are quite cute :3
My friends birthday is coming up soon and she is having her party at Thorpe Park!!!! Soo exciting!!!

She is very lively and energetic and quite funky and I wanted to make her something special, So.... I thought I would use my new pattern to make her a bright rainbow star scarf. I've made nearly half of the stars:

I have still gotta make the blue ones, purple ones, pink ones etc.. and then I'm going to sew them all in a row :-)

Hopefully she will like it, then I want to get on and make myself one!

See you all soon,



  1. Oh, really cool! I like them :) they would also make a good banner, you know?


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