Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cute Kit Giveaway! :D

Hey! :D

As it is coming up to summer I thought I ought to do a special giveaway to celebrate!

I'm giving away a cute crafty kit for you to use with your projects over the holidays :3

Here is what you could win :

  • Two reels of cute ribbon! One polka dot, one stripy.
  • A set of sweet pink ribbon decorated buttons
  • A pack of multicoloured star beads which could be added to amigurumi to make it extra cute!
  • Two little handmade teatime treat charms which can be turned into stitch markers or clipped on bracelets or zips :)
  • A very cute animal tape measure! For checking tension or measuring your finished goodies!
  • A pack of mini lollies (because I always like to include something sweet in my giveaways :P)
  • And a sparkly bag to store your stuff in! :0) Meaning you can carry your project and crafty bits and pieces down to the pool, or out with you on day trips during your hols :)

Close ups of the prizes!:

Yum! :)

This time around I'm also giving away a runner up prize:

A Very cute sheep pen, good for jotting down patterns or making quick notes :D

Trust me, I have one in purple... sooo sweet!

Entries for the giveaway close on Friday 22nd of July and the winner and runner up will be announced and contacted on the same day.

The giveaway is open to anyone, any age, anywhere!

To enter all you have to do is send an email to: If you are a follower mention this in the email and that will get you an extra entry and for another extra entry you can leave a comment at the bottom of this post stating your favourite thing about summer :D (please also mention if you do this in the email so I know).

(So you can get three entries in total, one initial entry for email (you have to send an email to be entered at all), an extra entry for being a follower and another extra entry for commenting)

(Not the same person can win both prizes so when the winner is chosen, if they had more than one entry their other entries will be removed before I select the runner up :)

Good luck everyone!

Bye :)


  1. Wow, cool giveaway! I love the bag ;)

    My favorite thing about summer? I would have said no school, but now I work... And my second choice would be pool, but then I moved... So, I'm going to go with all the delicious food that's in season! Strawberries, cherries, sweet corn...

  2. My favorite thing about summer is the availability of Mangoes. Mangoes are seasonal in India and they make their appearance only during the summer. Thank you for the chance to win the kit. I am following you now. :-)

  3. My favorite thing about summer is eating grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Thank you for hosting the contest.

  4. awesome giveaway! my favorite thing is knitting in the sun on the!

  5. One entrant wasn't able to put up a comment but she sent her favourite thing about summer to me so I will post it up for her so she can get her entries :) (I know how tempremental computers can be!)

    Favourite thing about summer: My fav summer thing is the heat! Lol I live in Montana and its been a cold year.

  6. I love that bag and the tape measure! Soooo Cute!

  7. My fav thing about summer???

    You can kick back, enjoy the school holidays and eat ice cream everyday :)

  8. My favorite thing about summer is swimming!

  9. Ooh count me in Jordan! I would loooove to win this giveaway! What do I love best about summer... the weather, ice creams, wearing my flipflops, and time to get crafting!

  10. I emailed you, am a follower and have commented so that would be my three entries for your precious giveaway.

    My favorite thing about summer is not having a schedule. During the school year, the kids have such structured lives so it's nice to have some time off without a care in the world.

  11. I emailed you and am now a follower :) And then this is of course my comment :)

    My favorite thing about summer is all the fun things you get to do :) Like going swimming with friends and the fair we have every year a couple weeks before school starts :) I of course also love all the time you get to knit :

  12. aside fro the warmth and having the house open... all the fresh berries and veggies!

  13. My favorite thing about summer is getting to sit outside with my knitting with a nice glass of tea. It gives me the same warm fuzzy that I get from knitting in big floppy winter clothes while drinking coffee. Really....I just LOVE knitting, so any time of year I get to do that-I'm happy :)
    Awesome giveaway!

  14. Great giveaway. Thanks. My favorite thing is eating locally grown tomatoes and corn and such. Not the plastic stuff we get in winter.

  15. Cool giveaway. My favorite thing about Summer is growing a garden full of all kinds of veggies and getting to eat them all summer long.

  16. My favorite thing about summer is picnics with friends and family.

  17. Christina Duval21 July 2011 at 23:10

    My favorite thing about summer is eating watermelon, and spending time with the family! I also love to go swimming!

  18. my favorite thing about summer, my girls are home and I can spend more time with them.
    Also I love all the fresh fruit!

  19. My favourite thing about summer is that one needs no reason to gorge on anything cool - be it the fruit juices or the squashes or the ice creams! yumm!
    babyloveknit on ravelry

  20. Another entrant emailed me her comment so I will put it up here for her so she can get her entries :)

    Favourite thing about summer: i love summer knitting..laying in the sun and getting a early start on knitting fall sweaters

  21. Angel sent me this comment so I will also put up her comment so she can get her entries:

    I love going to the camp in the summer

  22. My favourite thing about summer is being on vacation and visiting friends who live at Ness Lake! So peaceful and beautiful!


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