Saturday, 30 July 2011


Hi guys :)

As many of you will know last month I was sent a cross stitch kit by my partner Laura in the cute and quirky swap. I was really pleased as I had wanted to learn how to cross stitch properly but didn't really know where to start :/ It was great as it really helped me to learn the basics, for example I thought for cross stitch you used the whole thread but you actually only use a couple of strands at a time. (No wonder I found it difficult and it didn't look right when I tried once before, the thread was too thick!)
To my surprise I managed to follow the chart well and kept all my little cross stitches facing the same way!

The kit made a sweet little seagull picture which I turned into this pincushion once I'd finished :D

I don't think it's bad for a first try :)

I backed it with some pretty blue fabric I had and added a couple of buttons for decoration :0)

I have got to perfect my cross stitching though so I get into a rhythm and don't have to check each stitch!
In the future I want to cross cross stitching and knitting/crochet to see what I can create :-) But I have got to do some more practice first. I might try to pick up some more little kits when I'm on holiday seeing as this one was soo fun and helpful! (I have already bought a copy of Cross stitcher magazine which is great too and has loads of cute mini motifs to stitch, so I might try some projects out of there too)

See you soon,
Au revoir :)


  1. Aah, the good ol' cross stitching.

    Yours looks reaaally good for a beginner! I love the pincushion idea btw...

    I remember having a giant phase of cross stitching, but I haven't done much at all this year. I think I have a half-done kit lying around somewhere...

  2. Well done Jordan! It looks great! And I love the little pin cushion you've made it into! The buttons make a great addition. You'll be stitching away like mad in no time!! ;) I subscribe to Cross Stitcher magazine and also to World of Cross Stitching. Cross Stitch Crazy has lots of cute mini designs and quite often has good free kits. Well done!

  3. Oh, it's so cute! The stitches are so neat, and the backing is perfect :) This isn't your first project, is it?

  4. Knittinggirl: Thank you :) And thanks for adding me as a friend on Ravelry!

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you :-) Hahah i'm sure I will be!

    Alyssa: Thanks! :0) yeah, it is my first project I just took it reallllllyyy slow to try and get it right :)

  5. Well I think you've done a perfect job! You wouldn't know it was your first kit!!

  6. Chaucer's Aunty: Awww, thank you! :)

  7. I ran across this project with tutorial and immediately thought of you because you x-stitch AND you crochet. It's easily customizable. Just thought I'd share :) I love your blog...*le sigh*
    I don't know how to insert an active link, so I just copied and pasted the address below.

  8. Purlverde: Thank you! What an intersting Idea, i'm gald you pointed it out to me :) I'll give it a try soon! :0) xxx

  9. yes, it is and it's great :0)


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