Thursday, 14 July 2011

I finally found a crafting group :D


Today I went to a knit and natter group at my local library and it was really fun! I can't wait to go back :) I have to wait two months though as I'm on holiday for the next months meet.

I took along my DAL project (the cherry blossom wristlets/gloves) and managed to get quite a lot done, even though I was chattering away and munching on biscuits!

Many of the women there (who were all lovely and very interesting!) were making baby clothes so when I go back I'm going to bring the Rowan Kids winter clothes knitting book I got for getting my letter in a knitting magazine for them to have a look at and use the patterns. I haven't got any kids yet (and probably won't have for a while!) so I don't really need it :)

The group is also helping to make a very, very, very long string of bunting to be hung up locally in celebration for the Olympics coming to London so I get to help with that :D

Oooh I don't think I can wait two months!

See you soon,

Bye xxx


  1. Congrats! I miss my knitting group at school, and the one that meets where I moved to is dissolving since the store they meet in in closing! So, most of my crafty friends are online now, sadly :(

  2. I wish there was a knitting group in my area, or at school :c(

  3. Alyssa: :( Don't worry, they may start a new one. You never know?

    Knittinggirl: You should ask about starting one at school. I reckon qiute a few people would be interested in learning how to knit :)

  4. Doesn't sound like a bad idea... I know my friends would be eager to join :)

    And what is "bunting"? You mentioned it in this post but I have never come across this word before.

  5. That's fantastic Jordan! :D (By the way, have you got a new banner on your blog? Looks fab!) Laura x

  6. Knittinggirl: Yay! Sounds like your group is coming toogether! Bunting is like a long string of triangles that all hang down e.g: vvvvvv The triangle parts can come in all different colours or with different pictures etc.. on them. You hang it up for decoration e.g. at parties or celebrations.

    Chaucers Aunty: Yeah I do :D Thanks for noticing! XxXxX


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