Saturday, 16 July 2011

Seaside themed swap parcel!

Hey guys,

Today my swap parcel from the cute and quirky swap group I run on Ravelry arrived from Laura :D

This months theme was Seaside Fun and I got, again, a really great parcel from Laura who was my swap partner from the last swap too! All the stuff came wrapped in some cool glittery tissue paper and the candyfloss notecard from Laura was really cute *o*

Wow! Doesn't it just ooze cuteness!

I got:
  • A packet of sweets, some pez (with a Hello Kitty dispenser!!!!) and a Hello Kitty chocolate lollipop, Yum :P
  • Some cute food/ice cream stickers and some foam sealife stickers
  • Two gel pens one with a little octopus on it and one with a starfish on it :3
  • A pack of tissues with a cool ice lolly cover! I'm soo pleased about these as I kind of have a collection of different packs of cute tissues :D
  • An amazing 'Summer holiday' cross stitch coaster made by Laura herself
  • A sweet knitted starfish design postcard
  • A little seagull cross stitch kit with I'm really thrilled with as I am just starting to teach myself how to cross stitch :0)
  • And also these two cuties, handmade by Laura!:

Aww... Pop and Sicle and Ice and Lolly (what I decided to call them: Ice is the ice cream and the orange one is Lolly!) are all going to be best friends!

Thank you soooooo much Laura!

I'm off to go and start my cross stitch kit now!

Bye XxXx

P.s Don't forget to enter the in it to knit it giveaway if you haven't yet, entries close 22nd July, don't miss out!


  1. Yay! I'm so pleased you liked everything! I thought the seagull stitch kit was perfect to get you going :D I'm glad you like the coaster too. I'm really pleased with how Ice and Lolly turned out! I'm going to make some other versions of Lolly and I may even post the pattern if people like it ;) Can't wait to receive your parcel! Thanks for setting this swop up again!

  2. Chaucers Aunty: Yes, thanks the kit is perfect :) Im already halfway through it and its turning out really great! Ice and Lolly are brilliant, I love them!!!! <3 They are on my special 'handmade stuff' shelf along with the raindrop and sun you made me too and other handmade stuff :)
    I hope your parcel gets to you as soon as possible! Thanks again xxx

  3. Super cute! Seeing all your swap posts makes me want to enter a swap again!

  4. Alyssa: Hahaha, you should! Come join our swap :0)


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