Monday, 4 July 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

Hi guys,

I have been awarded a Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!!!!!!

I was given this by the very fabulous Jasmine over at Jasmines crafts. I would like to thank her immensely as this is my very first blog award and it means a lot that she thought of me as a person to pass it on to :0) I am very grateful and want to thank her again for her kindness!

THANK YOU JASMINE!!!!! :) xxxxx

As part of the award you have to give 7 random facts about yourself... here goes! :) ...
  1.  My favourite animals are Great White sharks. I find their power and size amazing and love their sharp teeth! >>> (I used to have a poster on my wall of one with its mouth open coming out of the water, it freaked lots of people out! Hahaha :-)
  2.  If I wasn't called Jordan my parents would have called me Imogen or Ocean.
  3. I like watching murder mysteries with my mum and get very proud/excited if I manage to work one out before the program is finished! We also watch fantasy Island together and sometimes I really wish I was there :o)
  4. I go on holiday to the Isle Of Wight around 3 times a year. It's really great there, especially the shops and the choc dipped ice creams you get by the seafront :0P
  5. I really like cornbread (It's the cake you get to eat with dinner!)
  6. I strongly dislike (hate is a strong word :) Coca Cola tea and coffee >-<  There is only one type of fruity tea I've found that I like so far and I have a special tea straw to drink it with!
  7. Sometimes I sit and wonder what I would do if zombies suddenly took over the earth/where I live :0) (Please don't think I'm crazy.... It may happen one day and then I will be prepared!)

And finally you also have to pass on the award onto 7 other bloggers :) I have chosen:

Laura from Cute crocheted creations: as I found her blog through the cute and quirky swap and love looking at all the marvellously cute amigurumis she makes, her blog is totally sweet and well deserving of this award!

Holly over at Berrysprite: because I love looking at all the cute things she makes and I enjoy reading her posts and learning about cute things I never even knew about before e.g Takochu!

Alyssa from Aly-oops: because her blog is just fabulous and I really enjoy looking at all her latest projects, design sketches and cute pets :)

Twinkie Chan over at Twinkie Chan's Blaaarrgghhhh!: as I really like her amazing projects and love her style. Her blog is very sweet indeed :3

There are soooo many great blogs out there that I'm finding it very hard to decide on my last three! I'm going to have a think and decide three more and then Ill pass on the awards in a later post...(Its just too hard :0)
Thanks again Jasmine xxx

See you all later,



  1. Thank you soooooo much for this Jordan! Your blog is definitely irresistably sweet! :D

  2. Ahh, thanks so much! :) I will have to think of some irresistable bloggers to give this too - and, the pic is a strawberry cake! I love strawberries <3

  3. Chaucer's Aunty: That's ok, thank you :0)

    Alyssa: Your welcome :) Haha me too :P


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