Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dad's Birthday!!!


Today is my dad's birthday!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!! Happy birthday dad!!!!!!!!!!

My dad likes to bake (as many of you will know from seeing the pictures of the amazing cakes he bakes for me and my brothers birthdays!) and one of my favourite things he makes are these delicious brownies........ mmm:P:

They really are good so I designed and knitted up the MEGA BROWNIE for him as a gift :0)

 I did a slighlty lighter shade on top (like where the brownies get cooked and lighten) and sewed on the nuts to make it look as realistic as possible. The reason I called it a MEGA BROWNIE is because it's quite substantially bigger than the real thing!

I also got him some other gifts and as an extra surprise me and my brother made my dad a very special cake. My dad's favorite place is the Isle of Wight so I came up with the idea of making him an IOW cake.

 I am a perfectionist so as soon as anything went wrong I had a panic attack and my brother had to calm me down! :D But we got there in the end and I think we did really well.

Here is the IOW cake:

I had to cut round a cut out map of the IOW to get the shape just right!

The little flags show some of my dads favourite places to visit.
(I'm so jealous though as my brother wrote the flags and I think his handwriting is nicer than mine! :)

My dad really liked it and we've finished the cake now as we had it for breakfast,  it tasted good! All that icing and jam...:P

I think next we are off to visit some National Trust gardens as that's what my dad has chosen as his birthday outing,

See you all later, bye!


  1. WOW that cake is amazing!!! Bet your Dad was really chuffed! And I love the knitted brownie, that's brilliant. I'm impressed that your Dad bakes! Yum! Hope you have a nice time National Trusting :) And thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck!

  2. Congrats to your dad! The cake and brownie looks delicious! :3

  3. Chaucers Aunty: Thanks, he was :) Yeah I know, my family is quite unconventional when it comes to that kind of thing, my dads the one who likes cooking and baking not my mum :0)

    Im really excited about the giveaway thanks for hosting it!

    Alyssa: Thanks! :D


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