Friday, 29 July 2011

*First Blogiversary!*

Hi guys!

Exactly one year ago today I posted my very first blog post, so that makes today my first blogiversary!!!!! :D

(Photo taken by Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography and found here)

I'm soo happy and excited as my little blog has come so far (mainly thanks to all the kind and wonderful readers :) So to celebrate and show you just how far the blog has come in only 365 and a 1/4 days (hahahaa, the 1/4 makes all the difference :) I thought I would share some stats with you from over the year...

  • The blog has gone from 0 followers to a very healthy 55! (thank you followers!)
  • 128 posts have been posted (including this one :)
  • Over 150 comments have been posted by readers
  • 11 people have become lucky giveaway winners!
  • 12 free patterns have been put up
  • And this is perhaps the most amazing stat of all, the blog has had over 12,919 views from people around the globe and has been mentioned on several different sites!!!!!
I would just like to say thank you to everyone, I really do appreciate every single one of those 12,919 page views!

I'm so thrilled and I hope by the time the next blogiversary comes around I will have even more amazing stats to share with you. I'm going to keep improving the blog and posting about even more fun and exciting stuff so please do stick around for another year! :0)

See all you lovely people again soon :)


P.s. Oops I nearly forgot the cake, silly me! You can't have a celebration without cake :) Help yourself to a slice....

(Image from: here)

Mmmmmm..... :0)

Bye x 8-)


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
    Lol that cake looks really good...

    I imagine that it would feel extrememly awesome-tastic to celebrate a year of cute, amazing blogging...

    I only started reading your blog this year, but I will definitely be reading it for many years to come!

    Anyways, Congrats again!

    I'm in the mood for cake now...I think we have cake-mix at home, so I'm off to bake!

  2. Congratulations Jordan! Mmm I'll definitely help myself to a piece of that cake! Your blog is brilliant, I'm not surprised you've had so many pageviews!

  3. Knittinggirl: Thank you sooo much! Hahaha looking at the cake makes me want to bake too :0P

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks, you are soooo kind!!!!! :0)

  4. Alyssa: Hahahaha, Thanks :) xxx

  5. YAY!!!!! Happy Blog-a-versary! *Blows Party Favors*

    I'm Rachel, from One Word Down, Milliond to Go. (I abandoned my old blog for a Tumblr. If you want, I can give you the link. :D)


  6. Rachel S: Hi!!! xxx
    Hahahaha, thanks! :) ooh that would be great!


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