Thursday, 29 December 2011

Advent calendar gifts revealed

Hi everyone,

With all the excitement of Christmas I nearly forgot to post up the picture I took of all of the things included in the advent giveaway I did!

luckily I remembered the other day :P Here is what was in the parcels:

The things in the little bags that you can't see that well are some different christmassy charms and beads o<:0)

I will be doing another special giveaway soon so make sure to check back :D

See you all later,

Byeeee! xxxxx


  1. wow they are very lovely gifts..
    you so sweet.
    love you
    cucki xx

  2. Definitely going to enter the new giveaway when it comes up! Also, I have an apartment now until May... do you want to be penpals!? E-mail me! :D

  3. Alyssa: Hehe :) Oooh, that sound really fun! :0) xxx


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