Sunday, 4 December 2011

A cat and a chilli

Hey guys :)

Last week I finished another one of the Christmas cross stitch kits I have been working on, here it is:

 I said to my friends he either wants a hug or is doing Jazz hands and they all decided it was jazz hands and named him Jazz cat! Lol :0)

I like Jazz cat! <3 Next I am making a penguin one which my friends have already decided will be called Pingu!

I also finished this little knitted chilli pepper:

Hehehe, it is to go on a present for my brother for Christmas  (he likes chillies! :) I made up the pattern myself and decided to call him Mr Hot 'N' Spicy :P

I hope my brother likes him!

I am off to work on more of my Christmas crafting, so much to do so little time!

See you all soon,

Bye! :D


  1. i love the sweet jazz cat..she is so cute..
    and i love chillie pepper too..and this and spicy is so sweetttttttttttttt i love it so fav one..
    cant wait to see the pingu :)
    big you cucki xx

  2. love the chilli pepper, reminds me of ma dad

    was it easy to make?

  3. cucki: Thank you cucki! :0) Hehehe I'm glad you like him! xxx

    springmusician: Hahaha, thanks :-) Yes, pretty easy, I will probably put the pattern up sometime xxx

  4. I love that cat Jordan! She definitely has jazz hands! And what a brilliant chilli pepper!! Laura x

  5. Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks, hehehe I had fun making both xxx :0D


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