Thursday, 15 December 2011

Friends Christmas presents

Hello everyone,

Today I gave out all my friends Christmas presents that I made them :) I had to keep them all top secret until now to prevent ruining the surprise (they sometime check my blog to see what I am up to! :0P).......

......But now I can show you all what I made, here is the little crochet fruit ninja (based on the game/ipod app) I made one of my friends who likes that game and she taught me how to play it (I am rubbish with gadgety things/mini games etc..!):

Hehehe, I was very pleased because she liked him a lot :D

For my other friends I made some sock bunnies :) I saw some ones in a shop once and thought they were really cool so I decided to attempt making some similar style ones as gifts. I made a Mr and Mrs one :P

Once again I am pleased because they liked their gifts too :-) And they gave me a Christmas gift back too; some chocolate Santas, a cute Me to You Christmas decoration and a lovely smelling Lush bath bomb (that I plan to use on Christmas day!

Last year I made a piece of cake for my other friend I made a crocheted piece of chocolate cake so this year I made her a crocheted cupcake (using my own pattern :) to match:

And finally for my other friend in my form I made one of my special ice lolly brooches :)

Hehehehe Im off to bed now I am tired after giving out all my presents!

See you all very soon my very lovely readers <3

Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx


  1. They are all gorgeous Jordan! I'm not surprised your friends were pleased! The sock bunnies were fab, I made a couple of them last year, they look so cute! I especially like the ice lolly brooch- I love mine and have worn it lots! Posting your swop parcel today, I'm really excited to see what you think of everything!!! Laura x

  2. wowwwwww they are all so beautiful..truly everything is super duper cute..
    sending you big hugs..have fun cucki xx

  3. So cute! I'm jealous of your friends :)

  4. Chaucer's Aunty: Hehehe, Thanks! :)
    I am posting yours tommorrow! I hope you like it all too! xxx

    cucki: Thank you :) Lots of hugs back to you too! xxx

    Alyssa: Hahaha, thanks! :0) xxx

  5. I really like those sock bunnies! How did you make them?

  6. Odd Socks: Well, I took a sock and placed it on the floor flat with the heel pointing up (flat the other way to how they are normally packed if that makes sense?) Then turn it inside out and place it flat the same way as before. Then cut down the centre of the foot part (leaving about an inch gap before reaching the heel) the seam all the way round where you cut to make the ears. The turn back the right way out and stuff :) Finally gather up the bottom of the bunny and sew on any buttons and decorations you want :0)

    I hope this helps a bit and makes some sense, if you have any more queries just ask and Ill try to explain better! :P


  7. I may have a go at making one of these! Thanks for telling how to make one! I'll ask if I have any problems :P


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