Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's the 1st of December! :D


The countdown for christmas has finally begun!

This year I have a Thorntons chocolate advent calendar and a special Hello Kitty toy advent calendar :D

In todays door I got a teeny weeny pink chair, Look, look :0D

Isn't it just soo cute! You get a whole little Hello Kitty christmas scene :3

Hehehe I wonder what I will get in my toy advent tommorrow??? :P

In other news if you were wondering about what was in the crafty advent calendar I gave away, Eleanor is posting about the prize she gets each day so you can satisfy your curiosity :)

I'm off now I have to get a good nights sleep as tommorrow I am hosting a christmas party with my best friends :P

See you all soon,

Bye xxx


  1. Wow that is one cute advent calendar! Where did you get that from? Ooh great I'll head over and check out Eleanor's blog now! I've got a couple of Christmas giveaways coming up too, so do keep an eye on my blog! Hope you are well! love Lx

  2. is really a very sweet cute calender..
    enjoy the party tomm with your friend..
    hugs for you xx

  3. Chaucers' Aunty: Thanks! My mum got it for me off Amazon :0) Oooh how exciting! I entered the pretty ladybird themed one, fingers crossed! XXX

    cucki: Thank you cucki! The party was very fun :0) Hugs back x :)


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