Saturday, 17 December 2011

Quality Street Green Triangle - Free pattern!! :D

Hello everyone!

It is the tradition in my house at Christmas to have a big box of yummy quality street! Normally we open the tin before Christmas but this year my Dad said 'Christmas day is the opening day, otherwise all of the good ones are gone by then' :P

One of me and my brothers favourites are the green triangles (they disappear the fastest!) so I thought I would make a little pattern to make some woolly ones to replace the ones I eat so I can eat more before my brother notices they are all gone!

And just in case any of you have to employ the same tactics as me to get your favourite sweets I am giving away the pattern free :0P Here it is:

Crochet Green triangle Quality Street

You will need:
  • 3.5mm crochet hook 
  • Dark green DK yarn
  • A small amount of toy stuffing
  • A darning needle
  • And a pair of scissors
Pattern: (I am using standard UK crochet abbreviations)

Top (make one):

^Make a magic ring, 6dc into ring (6sts)

*1dc, 2dc into next st* Repeat from * to * around (9sts)

*2dc, 4dc into next st* Repeat from * to * around (17sts)

3dc, 5dc into next st, 4dc, 5dc into next st, 4dc, 5dc into next st, 1dc (27sts)^

(1dc into each st around) x2

Slst and fasten off

Bottom (make one):

Work from ^ to ^ then slst and fasten off

To make up:

Sew top and bottom together and stuff as you go along. Darn in any loose ends, Finished!

Hehehe, I hope you like the pattern :-)

I'm off to make lots more ready to replace all the ones I'm gunna eat on Christmas day, I'll leave my brother one, well, alright then, two! Because I like the toffees too :0P

See you all soon,

Bye! xxx

P.s If you make them in all different colours you can use them as giant trivial pursuit pieces, lol!



slst = Slip stitch
dc = Double crochet
st(s) = Stitch(es)


  1. Hehe very clever! You should wrap up the crocheted version in the actual wrappers ;)

  2. wowwwwwwwwww you sweet girl..i love it..thank you for sharing..
    hugs cucki xx

  3. Knittinggirl: Thanks! Hehehe, what a good idea! :0)

    cucki: Thank you, im glad you like them :) xxx


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