Sunday, 25 December 2011

*Happy Christmas!*

Hi guys!

I have had a wonderful day and I hope all of you have too :)

I had and amazing surprise when I came down this morning and my first prezzie was revealed to me... My very own Great white shark (they are my favourite animal) that swims in the air! I called him Bubbles:

 Heehee, he is coming for you! lol :0)

I also got lots of other great presents, look at these cute plushes my brother got me:

Soooo sweet :3

And here some of the other cool gifts my parents got me:

Some more clothes for my monster high doll Frankie

This very cool creepy crochet book that I saw in a shop and thought was great. I really want to make murdering mental Mary from inside the book, she looks very funny!

Some yummy chocolates and this little Berry man :P (well these were from Santa!)

I absolutely love this beautiful crafty themed handmade charm bracelet they got me, I'm never going to take it off!

And look who else came from underneath the wrapping paper... :)

 Hehehe, She fits right in with the gang! (I got the outfits for Christmas too :)

Me, my brother and my dad always watch spongebob as my parents bought me this spongebob hug t-shirt!

Not too many more pictures now, I am just so excited about all my presents!

So sweet :3

I have the hat to match this scarf and lemon chocolate is my favourite! :D

And finally I love these retro tins/boxes, I love everything in fact <3

Thank you to my very generous family and friends!

I am also very happy because everyone liked the gifts I got them too, here is my brothers finished big present, a nacho hamper, can you see Mr Chilli Pepper?

lol :0P
I'm off to bed now, I got up very early so I am quite tried and eating lots of yummy food makes you tired and I have done alot of that today too,

Thank you to my lovely generous family again and also thank you to all you wonderful readers and followers I hope you had a brilliant day as well!

See you all soon,

Lots of love Jordan XXXX <3


  1. aww so many lovely lucky girl..i love spongebob t- shirt so much..
    have fun deary.
    love cucki xx

  2. I know, I am ver lucky! :) Thank you xx :-)

  3. very lucky girl :) i can just see mr chilli :P lucky brother to have such a lovely sister :P

    love your Blythe dolls, you might have to send me measurements so i can knit scarfs for them :P

    just wondering, I knew you had Catherine (the first one) when did u get the second, whats her name? and whats the thirds name? :P xx

  4. Heehehe, thanks! :)

    :0P I got the second one a couple of months ago, she is called candy and then one I got for christmas I think I am going to name her Madeline :)

  5. well your girls are lovely :P, and Madeline is my younger sisters name, she is 15 :P, madeline louise joanna :P i have 2 brothers aswell as my sister :P. the four of us all have 2 middle names

  6. springmusician: Aww thanks :) Hehehe, what a coincidence! :P


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