Friday, 2 March 2012

***IOW goodies giveaway winner!***

Hi everyone :)

Entries are now closed and it is the time everyone has been waiting for (hehehe :) the winner of the IOW goodies giveaway is..... Drumroll.......

Melanie (trot26)!


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I have sent you an email on ravelry so I can get you prize to you as soon as possible :-)

Of course don't worry if you were not the lucky one this time as I have got another giveaway up my sleeve for the not too distant future! :0)

Congratulations again to Melanie,

See you all soon,


P.s This is my 200th post! I love posting on my blog and reading all the comments from all of you my fabulous readers so thank you very much :) Help your self to a balloon so you can join me in my celebrations!

Image from: here

Hehehehe, Bye! :P



  1. Thank You so much...looking forward to recieving the IOW goodies! What a wonderful surprise! :) Melanie

  2. Melanie: I have sent them off so they should be with you soon! :0) xxx

  3. Jordan, received my package today...what a wonderful surprise. Now to put everything to use.. The chocolate owl arrived in one piece, thank you so much...Hugs to ya, Melanie

  4. Melanie Hayes: Fantastic! Thank you for letting me know :-) I'm so glad, I didn't want him to be snapped or melted :-) Hugs back to you too! :)


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