Friday, 9 March 2012

Pirate ship t-shirt!

Hello everyone :)

Welcome to my new followers also! Today was non uniform day at my 6th Form and I decided I would wear my domo hat about a week ago! I wasn't sure what top to wear though but then I remembered I had a stitched pirate ship t-shirt I started making agggeesss ago for a themed party but then it got cancelled :( So I thought I would finish it off for today, I managed it just in time:

I was really happy because everyone said it was really good :-)

I got the fabric in a bag of cuttings I bought from a craft shop in the IOW a while ago (I think I posted about it, it was only a £1 but I have found so many uses for all the bits of fabric so far!)

I really want to try stitching some more t-shirt designs soon, I have had lots of ideas.... hehehe :)

I am off to keep working on the ATC's I making for a swap I am doing with Laura from Cute crocheted creations at the end of March, I am sooo excited!

See you all soon,

Bye xxx


  1. Awesome stitching skills! Love the piratey goodness!

  2. Very cool, me hearty! Arrrr! (Attempt at a pirate voice, lol!) I'm hoping to start on your ATCs over the weekend, I've chosen the designs, now to stitch them... Have a great weekend Jordan! Laura x

  3. It looks great! You should stitch a message on the back like "Ye walk the plank" or something else piratey. :D

  4. Odd socks: Hehehe, thank you! :)

    Chaucer's Aunty: Hahaha, thanks! :) I have almost finished the second one I hope you like them :-) xxx

    Knittinggirl: Thank you!!! :D Thats a good idea :P

  5. It is really good! :) I think it's super cute! When you grow out of it, you should frame it - It would look great as a decorative embroidery piece!

  6. Thanks Alyssa! :) I will remember that, then I never have to throw my hard work away! xxx


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