Monday, 26 March 2012

Blythe sock hat - tutorial

Hello everyone :)

The other day I was sitting doing some work when I looked over at my girls Candy, Catherine and Etty.M and a pair of socks I got for Christmas sitting on my dresser and had an idea.... Blythe sock hats!

And here they are, I made them all one:

I thought it was really cool how different socks gave such different effects 

They are very simple and fun to make so I thought I would post up a tutorial so any little Blythe out there who wants one can have one too!

Blythe sock hat tutorial:

You will need:
  • A needle
  • Some thread
  • A pen
  • A sewing pin
  • A sock, of course :)
  • And any decorations you want to add

How to:

First step, choose your sock!

Then turn it inside out and pop it onto your Blythe (or other dolls) head. Once you have got it on properly place a pin through both sides of the sock at the very top, where the hat should end:

Once you have done this carefully remove the sock, making sure not to displace the pin and pick up your pen! Onto the hat draw an outline of where you will be stitching, draw an outline similar to the red dotted line in the picture for a bunny style sock hat or the blue dotted line for a beanie hat (or you can experiment and come up with your own hat style):

Don't cut anything yet as if you cut before sewing the sock material will roll at the edges making stitching difficult. Stitch all the way around your outline:

Then carefully cut out you hat shape, leaving about 1/2 to 1 cm gap of sock around all the stitching. (If making a bunny hat make several small cuts at the bottom between the ears to prevent gathering up in  this area when turned right-side out):

Then turn you hat right side out...

... decorate, however you wish, and with whatever you wish....

... All finished!!!

I hope you like the tutorial :) <3

See you all soon,

Byeeeeee xxx

P.S. A huge massive thank you to Kerry from the fabby blog Ramblings of a bisconu addict and Rie from the super cute blog OMG toasties who both passed on  the liebster blog award to me as well as Laura :D I feel so very loved! xxx


  1. they are fab, clever you! you're welcome to the blog award, I love reading about your makes and seeing the tutorials. x

  2. Thank you! :0) Thanks for reading, Im glad you like my blog :-) xxx


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