Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers day and a marshmallow! :3


My mum liked her bracelet! Yay! :D I was sooo happy :-) 

here is a picture of the card I made my mum too, I couldn't post a picture the other day as I hadn't finished it yet:

My Mum likes squirrels :P the design was from a Mouseloft kit I got for my birthday and I added 'nuts please!' because I thought he looked a bit cheeky like he was asking for some food! It is a fridge magnet :)

And today when I was watching a murder mystery with my mum I stitched this little marshmallow:

She is called Marsha Mellow (as named by my Dad, hehehe :-) I will soon be making her a chocolate topping too because my favourite sandwich ever since my brother got me vegetarian marshmallows is toasted marshmallow and chocolate spread :P mmmm yum yum! I reccommend whipping one up and trying it :)

Happy Mothers Day Mum! 

Hehehe, See you all soon,

Bye <3


  1. That is one cute marshmallow! And a lovely card. Glad to hear that your Mum liked the bracelet, I was sure she would!! Mmm marshmallow and chocolate spread- it's like those American things called s'mores, have you heard of them? I had them as a dessert in this pizza restaurant- you get two thin biscuits with chocolate on, you melt the marshmallow and put it in the middle, and then the chocolate melts. Yummy!! ;-) I stitched your second ATC last night so I'm make them up today and hopefully post tomorrow :) Looking forward to the swop. Laura x

  2. Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks :-) ooohhh that sounds very yummy, I will definitely give it a try :D I have finished both of yours and should be posting them on Thursday, I am looking forwards to it too! xxxx

  3. Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you!!! I am soo excited :D My second ever blog award, I am soo happy! :) Thanks again xxx


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