Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mothers day bracelet


For mothers day I wanted to get my Mum a special piece of jewellery :) I looked on lots of different websites at some very beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery but I didn't know that any of them would be able to arrive in time for Mothers day :( I was talking to my Dad and he said why not just make my mum a special bracelet or necklace? I had a think about it and had a look in all my craft boxes and found some bits and pieces that gave me an idea for a bracelet inspired by the one my dad bought me for Christmas:

After being slightly worried at first about how my jewellery would turn out (especially as it was going to be one of my Mums main gifts) but I am really happy with it :) I hope my Mum likes it!

I was also happy because I learnt a new skill, making felt beads :D I had lots of wool in the needle felting kit I got the Christmas before last so I had a large selection of colours, they are fairly simple to make and there is a great tutorial here! :-)

Now I have go to finish some of the little knitted chicks I am making for charity, like the ones I made last year! :)

See you all soon,

Byeeee xxx


  1. that lovely, Is needle felting easy to do?

  2. Kerryp77: Thank you :) It is relatively easy, I am not an expert so am not always sure what needle exactly to use but there are loads of tutorials etc... on youtube and lots of needle felting kits you can get on ebay (like what I got :-) The wet felting method is easier for beads I would say though :o)

  3. That's really lovely Jordan! I'm sure your Mum will love it :-)

  4. Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you! Hopefully :) xxx


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