Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mums Birthday!


Today is my Mums Birthday :D


Hehehe :)

As always I like to make a handmade gift, as well as giving bought gifts when it is my family's birthdays and for my Mum's birthday I decided to make her a mug cosy. I made one using one pattern but then when I had finished it it wouldn't fit any mug in the house! So I looked for another pattern and found one for a lovely cabled mug cosy :) I am happy with how it turned out, I hope my mum likes it! She is opening her gifts when we all get home from school/work:

I used a little heart button to fasten it :-)

I'm off now to sing Happy birthday! hehehehe,

Bye xxxx


  1. The cozy looks great! (I didn't know you could cable!)

  2. That's fab Jordan! I'm sure your Mum will love it. Happy birthday! Hope she has a great day. Laura x

  3. Thats lovely, happy birthday to your mum!

  4. Knittinggirl: hehehe, thanks :) I'm not amazing at it, lol :P I think this is the second thing I have ever cabled!

    Chaucers Aunty: Thank you! She had a fab day and loved her cosy, she has taken it to work to put on her mug :) xxxx

    Alysaa: Thank you :D

    Kerryp77: Thanks, she had a really good day! :0)


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